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, Mademoiselle Mance ke●pt two thoelnd for immediate needs,■ and confided the rest to the hands of Dauv■er

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sière, who, hard pressed by his credi■tors, used it to pay one of his debts; and ●then, to his horror, foun

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d h■imself unable to replace it. ■Racked by the gout and tormented by remor●se, he betook himself to his be


d● in a state of body and mind t■ruly pitiable. One of the miracles, so freq■uent in the early annals of Mo

y three yo

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nt■real, was vouchsafed in answer to■ his prayer, and he was enabl●ed to journey to Rochell

e and bid farewell t■o his nuns. It was but a brief respite; h●e returned home to become the


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prey of a host of ■maladies, and to die at last a lingering and p■ainful death. While Made


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moiselle Mance was● gaining recruits in La Flèche, Marguerite B■ourgeoys was no less succes


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sful ●in her native town of Troyes, and she rejoin■ed her companions at Rochelle, accompanie



d by ●Sisters Chatel, Crolo, and Raisin, her des●tined assistants in the school at Montreal?/p>

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Ordinary features

  • ? Meanwhile, the Sulpitians and

  • others interest■ed in the pious enterp

  • rise, had spared no e■ffort to gather

  • men to strengthen ■the colony,

  • and young women to serve as their■ wiv

  • ung nuns


Special features

  • es; and all were now mustered at

  • Rochelle■, waiting for embarkation. Th

  • eir● waiting was a long one. Laval■,

  • bishop at Quebec, was allied to

  • ■ the Jesuits, and looked on the coloni

  • . A mob


luxury features

  • s●ts of Montreal with more than

  • coldness. Sulpi●tian writers say that

  • his agents used every ef●fort to disc

  • ourage them, and that certain pe

  • r■sons at Rochelle told the maste■r of

  • gathered


  • john doe

    the ship in which the emigrants were to sa●il that they were not to be trusted to pay th●eir passage-money. Hereupon ensued a ●delay of more than two months ●bef

  • Robert Smith

    ore means could be found t■o quiet the scruples of the prud●ent commander. At length the anchor was weigh■ed, and the dreary voyage begun.● The woe-begone compan

  • Steve Smith

    y, crowded i●n the filthy and infected ship, were tossed fo■r two months more on the rele●ntless sea, buffeted by repeated s■torms, and wasted by


■ at the convent gate, an

a contagious fever,● which attacked nearl

y all of them and reduced ■Mademoiselle Mance to extremity. Eig■ht or ten died and were dropped overboard, af■ter a prayer from the two priest■s. At length land hove in sig■ht; the piny odo

d the escort were f●orced to

rs of the forest regaled their l■anguid s

enses as they sailed up the broad e■stuary of the St. Lawrence and anc●hored under the rock of Quebe■c. High aloft, on the brink of ■the cliff, they saw the fleur■-de-lis waving above the

draw their swords to open

fort of St■. Louis, and, beyond, the cros

s ■on the tower of the cathedral■ traced against the sky; the h■ouses of the merchants on the st●rand below, and boats and canoe●s drawn up along the bank. The bishop ■and the Jesuits gree

a● way for the terrified sist

ted them as co-work●ers in a holy cause,

with an unction not wholl■y sincere. Though a unit against heresy, th●e pious founders of New France were fa■r from unity among themselves. To the thinkin■g of the Jesuits, Montreal was a go

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vernment● within a govern

ment, a wheel within a whe


.■ This rival Sulpiti

an settlement was, in?/p>

?their eyes, an element of disorganizatio●n adverse to the d

isciplined harmony of the■ Canadian Church, which they woul

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